Job Interview and Company Evaluation

An ideal candidate conducts a research on companies before submitting a resume for a job opening. However, in cases such as increased unemployment, job seekers may also apply to less preferable positions. Common steps for research should be finding out more about the role described in a job posting and basic information about the company, such as target groups, what they do and how they do it. Additionally, it is really helpful obtaining information from current and/or former employees. Unfortunately, in Greece there is not enough information from websites on the Internet, such as and for US companies, so another source could be the company’s financial statements, if they are available.

A company employs an interviewer in order to find qualified applicants that meet the specified requirements for a certain job opening. On the other hand, an applicant tries to reveal the competitive advantages in order to leave the best possible impression so as to make the company’s representatives want to proceed with employment. During this procedure, from the initial contact to the final feedback, apart from the applicant, the interviewer is also evaluated, along with the company’s image and professionalism. As a result, it is critical to assess the skills of staff responsible for interviews from a quality perspective, either for prospective employment or for a future job opening.

Some basic areas that need to be assessed are:
– Job description: Is it clear enough and informative?
– Pre-interview: Does the company send a confirmation message upon submission of the resume? Is the company flexible for scheduling the interview date?
– Interview: Is the company’s representative on time, properly dressed, adequately prepared and aware of the applicant’s name? Is the whole communication smoothorganized and focused on the requirements of the position? Does the whole environment, inside the company, reflect its mission? Was a certain task assigned as a further step towards employment? If yes, this task should not be directly related to the company, as it is supposed to validate the applicant’s overall knowledge. Were contact details given for any further clarifications?
– Post-Interview: How long does it take to hear back from the company for the interview’s result? Did they communicate via e-mail or telephone? How did you feel at the end?

These indicative points should always be considered for ensuring a robust business relationship.