Working with SAP GUI and BEx Analyzer on Mac OS X and Windows

BEx Analyzer is not currently available for Mac OS X, in contrast to SAP GUI. Thus, the only way to run BEx Analyzer is through a Microsoft Windows operating system.

In my case, after having created a virtual machine, on Parallels Desktop 7, using Microsoft Windows XP SP3 x86 and Microsoft Office 2010 x86, I installed version 7.20 of SAP GUI, along with BW 3.5 AddOn on it.

Based on information provided by SAP Notes (1442028, 66971, 1393114, 1410878, 1322923), 32-bit versions of Windows and Office products were installed. Even though BW 3.5 AddOn works on Excel 2010, it is compatible only with its 32-bit version. In addition, version 7.20 of SAP GUI was chosen since the latest version (7.30) does not currently incorporate BW 3.5 AddOn. Regarding the operating system, Windows XP were just selected because of the lower hardware requirements compared to newer versions of Windows.

The virtual machine was set up using “Like a Mac” mode of Parallels Desktop 7. The key characteristic of this mode is that it makes Windows programs appear on the screen similar to Mac OS X applications, while the Windows desktop is hidden.

The following screenshot was taken from a private set up of SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5 using Oracle Database 11g (, in order to illustrate the three applications, from the left to the right:

The double red lines (symbol of Parallels Desktop) that are noticeable at the right side of the dock (at the bottom), on both the icon of SAP GUI and Excel 2010, indicate that these applications run on a virtual machine.