How the command officer of the Police of Attica Tollway “enhances” his “career” :)

On May 24th, 2012 I was caught driving at 108 km/h instead of the limit of 70 km/h in Attica Tollway (Attiki Odos), which is (probably) the country’s best motorway. The result was that I received a speeding ticket earlier today (Sep. 26th, 2012), along with the photo from the speed camera that is hidden in the single line variable message sign (VMS), also known as matrix. Both documents, along with a photo of the area (captured by me), have been attached showing the infringement’s drollery.

Considering the infringement as unacceptable, especially amid the country’s economic recession, I decided to publish it. Officials should certainly find alternative and more serious ways to increase the revenues of public services. I wonder if officers at the Police of Attica Tollway have ever observed the average speed of the majority of the drivers at this location (!!).

Location (actual coordinates): 38.01148, 23.843577 (camera location:,
Position (as stated in the ticket): ΧΘ Β 6,25 (ΧΘ: kilometric position, Β: route from Katechaki to Elefsina)