Disable error redirect on Asus RT-N66U

Owners of Asus RT-N66U router have probably seen the error redirect page below, when the WAN link goes down for any reason.


There is a workaround for this, by following these steps:

  1. Setup the router to allow telnet access (by default telnet is disabled). Login to the router‘s web interface, navigate to Administration → System and set “Enable Telnet” to “Yes”.
  2. Through Terminal (or Command Prompt in Windows), use the following command in order to telnet to the router:
    When prompted, use your credentials to start the telnet session.
  3. Finally, use the following command in order to disable the error redirect:
    nvram set web_redirect=0


In case of firmware update, you have to re-apply the solution for disabling error redirect. The available firmware versions can be found here.

Note: At the end, it is recommended to disable telnet (set “Enable Telnet” to “No”), due to security reasons, as telnet passwords are transmitted in plain text instead of encrypted.